For the Bud who has to
"do it for the gram"

Mermaid Blue Glitter

Even mermaids need their beauty Zzz... #sunsetselfie


Pink Crushed Velvet

Dream on, sleeping beauty. #iwokeuplikethis

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Holographic Silver

13 hours till you land and you forgot the xan... #itscalledstylesweetie

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For the Bud who Refuses
to Check a Bag

Evolution Cool® Travel Pillow

Sweaty neck, no problem. This supportive memory foam pillow stays cooler than a penguin in the arctic and folds to 1/2 its size.

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Evolution S3® Travel Pillow

Get into grammy's arms quicker and skip the luggage carousel with a sleep aid that folds to 1/3 its size.

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Cabeau Colorways™ Evolution S3®

You'll look jollier than a Christmas goose with this one around your neck or in a case that reduces to 1/3 its size.

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For the Bud who
Thinks they Have it All

Fold 'n Go™ Blanket

An XL blanket that's as soft as snow, rolls up into its own fluffy bag, and can be used as lumbar support. 👌

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Evolution S3® Travel Pillow

A luxe memory foam pillow as plush as a polar bear that supports your chin, neck + back with gravity-defying straps to keep your head from flopping about.  😳  

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Evo Microbead™ Travel Pillow

Snuggle up with cozy shape-shifting beads that contour to any face shape and neck size for a fit that's justtt right.🙌🏽

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Stocking Stuffers that Don't Suck

Bamboo Compression Socks

Swollen cankles, we got you. 

Post-holiday turkey belly? You're on your own.

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Air Evolution™ Travel Pillow

A pillow that compresses to the size of a can of cranberry sauce, a pine-scented candle or even a Santa sack for a mouse.

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Midnight Magic Sleep Mask™

Lights out, on command.

No egg nog required.

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