Nadine De Anda

Woman models against purple background

Nadine is the kind of person you would hope to have as your HR Director and we’re especially stoked to have her at Cabeau. We’re also stoked that one of her favorite movies is “The Wedding Singer.” (Really, that movie never got the attention it deserved and who doesn’t love the 80’s?!)

Native to Los Angeles, Nadine was determined to join the Cabeau team after a conversation she had with the company’s CEO, David Sternlight. In regards to whether receiving health benefits and a paycheck every two weeks factored into the decision, she hasn’t specified.

As the person in charge of our people, Nadine’s love and appreciation for other humans is a welcomed asset. I mean, really, who lists “laughing with her daughter” as their favorite activity? That’s like the cutest thing ever.

Nadine says that “making someone’s day is worth it!” So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she also enjoys hiking and running 5ks (with over 50 medals collected to date)… she’s overall just #crushinglife.

Of all the Cabeau Fundamentals, “Go the Extra Mile” means the most to her. Because whether or not she’s asked, Nadine always tries to help in any way she can.