Paola Cintora


Paola Cintora quiere hablarte de los elefantes rosados.

Cabeau’s VP of Sales joined Cabeau after meeting the great team here, saying “It all clicked.”

For fun, Paola enjoys movies, dancing, painting and stand-up comedy. And she’s not picky about favorite foods, either.

But anyone who knows Paola knows not to mess with her. She’s got a black belt in karate, after all. She’s singularly focused, which is shy she’s known to bring conversations back on track, often beginning with, “Speaking of pink elephants…. “ And that can be in any of the four languages, in which she’s perfectly fluent.

As international as she is, Paola is also grounded by the relationships she’s built over time. She’s especially inspired by her mother’s example of strength and hard work.

The apple truly doesn’t fall far.