Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow
Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow
Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow
Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow
Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

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Introducing Evolution® S3 — the world’s best engineered travel pillow. Breath easy because the innovative Seat Strap System is no slouch in terms of keeping your head up and your airways open. The thin back keeps your spine aligned so you can relax. And the memory foam core wrapped in soft, moisture-wicking fabric is like having the most comfortable shoulder to rest your head on in every direction.

Product Features

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Raised Supports

For when sleeping on the shoulder of the person next to you isn't an option, and a more comfortable neck pillow solution even if it is.

cabeau evolution s3 airplane travel neck pillow cardinal red top view

Slim Flattened Back

Because there are times you don't mind having your head and neck pushed forward. While you're trying to sleep with a travel pillow isn't one of them.

cabeau evolution s3 airplane travel neck pillow galaxy tie dye kaleidoscope back view patented seat strap system

Patented Seat Strap System (S3)

Sometimes being secured in place can be comfortable. It's so good for airplanes we didn't want any other neck pillow to copy us ⁠— don't do it in your car ;)

For people who are going places

Or the ultimate power nap

Product Details

All Features

Patented Seat Strap System (S3)
Prevents head drop for unrestricted breathing (Straps not for use in automobiles)

Slim Flattened Back
Aligns upper spine to avoid neck strain

Raised Side Supports
You are not a bobblehead doll

Machine-washable Removable Cover
Because imagine not being able to wash it? Ew

Moisture-wicking Abrasion-resistant Fabric
Keeps neck dry and withstands travel rigors

Premium Memory Foam Core
Like a soft cloud to rest your head on

Adjustable Clasp
Adjusts to fit most adult neck sizes

Zippered Pocket
Stash your cell phone, or any other small items

Attachable Storage Case
Compacts pillow for easy transport*
*Do not store compressed pillow for longer than 1 week


Travel Neck Pillow Dimensions:
Length = 9.5″ / Width = 10″ / Height = 5″ / Weight = 11.6 oz

Travel Bag Dimensions:
Diameter = 6″ / Height = 5.5″ / Instructions How to Roll Pillow

Cover = 100% Polyester / Pillow = 100% Polyurethane Memory Foam

Instructions & Additional Information

Download How-to-Use Instructions

WARNING: Seat straps not for use in automobiles

Warranty & Guarantee

LIMITED MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Cabeau stands behind the quality of its products. We will replace any damaged or defective products due to materials or workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase. Contact Us for details.

NO NECK PAIN GUARANTEE: We are confident you will love the Evolution S3. If you experience any neck pain while using the Evolution S3, simply return it to us for a full refund. Contact Us for details.