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MobiLean™ Phone Stand + Card Slots

MobiLean™ Phone Stand + Card Slots



Get A Card Phone Stand For Your Travels
No more holding your phone for hours while you send emails or watch
movies. Enjoy hands-free viewing + a convenient place to store your cash,
credit cards and ID’s with the MobiLean™ cardholder + phone stand.
Conveniently stores your cash, credit cards + ID’s, so you can travel light.

View Your Phone Hands-Free
Simply press to open the built-in phone stand, for a hands-free viewing experience.

Fits In Your Pocket
Made of durable silicone to fit comfortably in your pocket + absorb daily wear and tear.

Easy to Attach + Remove
Adjust for the perfect 360° support, whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward.

Removable, Washable Cover
Moisture-wicking fabric absorbs perspiration, and can be washed.

Rolls Up For Easy Storage
Simply peel the label off the back to apply the Mobilean™ to your phone in seconds.


Pillow Size:
Width=10.9″ (27cm) / Height=11.8″ (23cm) / Depth=5.25″ (13.3cm)

Bag Size:
Height=6″ (27cm) / Diameter=2.5″ (15.2cm) / Depth=5.25″ (6.3cm)

Cover=100% Polyester / Pillow Core=100% Phthalate-Free PVC

Additional Information

The MobiLean makes any mobile phone even better with a multi-function cardholder and stand. Made with durable silicone, the easy-to-attach MobiLean securely holds your credit cards, business cards and/or your driver’s license. A metal snap chip inside makes the easy-to-use stand strong and lets you view incoming text messages, emails or a movie. Your phone will do more with MobiLean.


2-Year Satisfaction Warranty


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MobiLean™ Phone Stand + Card Slots