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16 5 out of 5


March 8, 2019, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Best travel pillow on the market by a long shot!! Until my Cabeau was unable to rest on long flights, however have now traveled several times with the pillow and am able to finally sleep on a plane!!! No travel pillow even comes close to this! New travel bag for the pillow is excellent as well!!

16 5 out of 5


February 23, 2019, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Very pleased with my travel pillow. Liked it so much that I purchased one for my husband. I was suprised that such a soft pillow could be so supportive. I've never been able to sleep on an airplane before but with this pillow I can. I highly recommend giving it a try. Thanks Cabeau!

46 5 out of 5


February 18, 2019, Evolution® Travel Pillow

As I'm working as a Flight Attendant I travel a lot, sometimes also as a pax. I use the pillow on every flight and it's the best that I can recommend. Best in comfort, size and price, there is no better travel pillow on earth;)

16 5 out of 5

Jeffrey A. Williams

February 13, 2019, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

I am 70 yrs of age and have been traveling by air for 49 years. I am both a Qantas Platinum and a Cathay Pacific Diamond One World frequent flyer, i.e. I fly a lot. I have had a number of neck pillows through the years, but I just used their Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow for the first time on my 16 hour flight from Dulles Intl. in Washington D.C. to Hong Kong. By far, the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used! The flat surface and flat bottom put my neck and head in the perfect position to sleep, without any aches or pains when I woke up 7 hours later. You won't regret purchasing this specific pillow, as you can also attach it to your headrest on the seat, so it keeps you positioned upright. In addition, the pillow rolls up and you can fit it inside a small bag that comes with the pillow which is only about 30% of the pillows size, taking up much less room in your carry on bag when you travel to and from the airport. Google Cabeau travel pillow discounts and you won't have to look hard to find a $10 off voucher, so you'll get this $39 pillow for only $29.

46 4 out of 5


December 28, 2018, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Great pillow and my first being memory foam. Unlike my previous neck pillow that has a bigger than normal neck support that pushed my neck forward when sleeping, this pillow doesn't. I was able to use it as a back support because I have poor sleeping posture during the night. Woke up refreshed without the soreness that comes with sleeping. I usually accompany this pillow with the hotel's flat mattress pillow for it to support it. Works wonders!

16 3 out of 5

Barbara Juniper

December 9, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

I didn’t like the extra, added part on top of the neck rest. It felt too crowded to me. I wish I had gotten one without that extra part. I used it part way through the first flight but not the return flight.

1 5 out of 5


December 6, 2018, Litepack™ Travel Backpack

So cool

16 4 out of 5


November 17, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

I am obsessed with this pillow! 15 hours flights in economy class and I’m sleeping through them like an angel without a sore neck! Highly recommend if you travel a lot. I’m shocked that more companies aren’t making pillows that hold your head up like this! There is definitely a quality issue when it comes to the zippers on both the cover and the bag. When I got the pillow the cover zipper was broken- they sent me a new one without hesitation but then the carrying case zipper broke on that one! (Hence 4 stars instead of 5) I have not yet contacted customer service but despite these zipper issues I would STILL recommend this pillow to anyone. They have great customer service if you have any trouble.

12 5 out of 5


November 17, 2018, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

First of all, I want to express my appreciation for the high level of your service. I received your product and immediately appreciated the high quality of it. The pillow fits the neck and head very well, which ultimately brings not only convenience but also pleasure. Thanks for all. Special thanks to Allen Machuca - Customer Service Specialist.

12 5 out of 5

Kathleen E Sinclair

November 14, 2018, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

Holy Smoke. This is a great product. I endured two flights on an airline I hadn't flown before and there was no neck or support at all on the seats. My neck hurt so badly I just knew I couldn't stand that on my return flights. So I wandered around looking for a good neck support that would fit my needs and not just one of the puffy ones which never worked for me. Saw this and decided to try it and it was perfect. At first it didn't seem to be supportive but it was and absolutely NO neck pain at all. I found the material very silky and soft and it was just what I needed. I couldn't figure out how it would all fit in the small carry bag until I read one of the other reviews. So I just rolled it up and put it in the bag and zipped it up ready for the next trip. Also, thank you so much for the soft ear plugs. I didn't need them on the trip but I often need a pair while traveling.

9 5 out of 5

Mareile Rauer

October 26, 2018, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

Love it!! So soft and comfy and the size is perfect for traveling

16 0 out of 5

Ryan Hilterbran

October 11, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Claudette, we apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like you received a defect cover. Please contact us at and we will replace the cover for you free of charge.

46 5 out of 5


October 5, 2018, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Super comfortable and great customer service. The one I bought didn't come with the carry bag. So I contacted cabeau and they sent it to me for free.

16 5 out of 5


September 25, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Love the travel pillow, use it always for plane travel. Great service - the carrycase was too small & began to deteriorate & they replaced it without any hassles & very promptly. Most impressive.

16 5 out of 5

Victor Tse

September 14, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

This is a great travel pillow. Does exactly as advertised and so very comfortable on those long flights.

16 3 out of 5


September 6, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

This pillow is very comfortable however the zipper needs improvement. I took it off to wash it and and it takes two people to get it zipped up again as it gets twisted when you remove the cover . The zipper is already coming loose from the material. I'm giving it openly three stars for the fact that the cover is already falling apart.

16 5 out of 5

Susan M.

September 5, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Great firm support. Had no trouble sleeping on the flight. Did not get hot. Attached the bag to the netting for the magazines. Highly recommend!

16 5 out of 5


July 29, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Great travel pillow and very good service provided by Cabeau. Had a few problems with the shipping and they solved it successfully!

12 5 out of 5


June 16, 2018, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

Our first trip with the Evolution Cool was an international trip - let me say, this pillow is fabulous. I purchased two (love the colors) for this trip During the 12 hr flight, it kept us cool, yet supported. It is very soft to the skin and looks so smart! My husband’s was a perfect fit! He has always disliked pillows because of the “hot” neck issue. No more, he even wore this on the Italo Rail. I am shorter so it was a tad bit big, but I found I could nestle with it on, without drowning. It was still very supportive. Very comfortable. We had a total of 8 airplane flights between Italy & Greece and am so grateful to have had these on hand. Love the carrying bag, we saw many people dragging and dropping their pillows - not us, just roll, clip and go. Thank you, small things like comfort mean a lot.

46 5 out of 5


June 15, 2018, Evolution® Travel Pillow

For the first time EVER I finally slept on a plane. Life changing. Picked this up on a whim at the airport and will never get another neck pillow. This is the only one you need. Got my colleagues on board as well. 10/10!

16 5 out of 5


June 13, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

I have encountered this traveling pillow few years ago when i was in the plane. I was so sick having a severe headache and the guy next to me was very nice to lend me his pillow. It helped ease my pain during the entire flight. I asked him what was that kind of pillow and he gave me the name. Once i got home I told my girlfriend about it and she ordered 2 for my son and i as my birthday gift. I loved it a lot, my son loved it a lot too. After a few years the lock broke and i can no longer use it. We recently ordered a bundle of Evolution S3 pillows and blankets. It is the best traveling pillow there is. Although the case zipper broke the first time i tried to use it, i contacted the customer service and Allen responded right away and replaced the broken cases. Superb product and superb customer service. I highly recommend this pillow, don't even bother to buy other product. This is it! 5 star for me.

16 5 out of 5


May 6, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

GET THIS!! I purchased the S3 in the airport on my way to a 4.5 hour flight. I can never sleep sitting on a plane up but I SLEPT on the plane for TWO HOURS with this pillow! With other pillows my head would bob down and I could never really sleep. I did not use the straps to connect to the seat but I like the option of having them. The zipper on the case broke while trying to put the pillow in - but when I came home the shop I bought it from gave me a whole new pillow/case set!

46 4 out of 5


May 4, 2018, Evolution® Travel Pillow

This pillow is really something. It works well and is better than any neck pillow I've used before.

17 4 out of 5


May 3, 2018, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

I got this as part of a evolution pillow deal. Very surprised with how well it worked. It even has a nose bridge you can bend to fit your nose and block out light better. I would recommend this sleep mask for sure.

16 5 out of 5


April 30, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

This is just a great pillow. It is the same as the Evolution pillow, but has better fabric and the new straps that attach to the seat. It also has a MUCH better bag than before. I highly recommend it!

1 5 out of 5


April 27, 2018, The Better Umbrella™

Nice Product

16 4 out of 5


April 21, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

I'm very happy with my pillow. I travel for work a lot, and these are the best pillows out there (my neck thanks you). The zipper broke on my case, but the customer service was amazing and I got a new case within days. I wish more companies took care of their customers the way Cabeau does.

16 5 out of 5

T Hawkins

April 18, 2018, Evolution® S3 Travel Pillow

Hands down the best neck pillow! Thanks Cabeau!!!

1 4 out of 5

Viktor A

December 28, 2017, Air Evolution® Inflateable Travel Pillow

I like to travel light, so this is the perfect pillow if you are trying to save space -- it actually fits in my coat pocket. It's not as good as their memory foam pillows, but it works better than other travel pillows I've used.

2 5 out of 5

Inderjit Singh

December 20, 2017, Cabeau Travel Pillow Bag

I bought the Evolution travel pillow, lost my bag, and upgraded to this one. No comparison, this bag is great!

46 5 out of 5


December 19, 2017, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Best neck pillow I've ever used. Just ordered two more of them (one for me, and one as a gift). Highly recommend.

12 4 out of 5


November 28, 2017, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

Love the pillow but really wish they had it in a smaller size. My neck is a 15” and this evolution cool just misses the mark and my neck Falls into the slot in front. I travel every week and most are long haul flights. This is almost perfect. PLEASE MAKE A SMALLER SIZE. Also wish the case was black as the lighter color Case gets dirty and it shows.

46 4 out of 5

Ray McDuffy

September 23, 2017, Evolution® Travel Pillow

I absolutely love the Evolution Pillow, but the nylon storage bag has fallen apart.

2 3 out of 5


August 6, 2017, Cabeau Travel Pillow Bag

Nice design--much better than the case that comes with the Evolution pillow. Cabeau should include this case with the evolution pillow. It is absurd that customers have to spend extra $ to get a functional case travel pillow from the company which prides itself on producing much more functional travel pillows. It is for this reason that I rate this item 3 stars.

46 4 out of 5

Mark Washington

July 21, 2017, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Best travel pillow on the market!! It supports your head and neck very well, although my only complaint is most of my headphones don't fit very confortably in or around my ears when using the pillow. If there was a bit of a cut out for the ears that would be amazing!!

46 5 out of 5


July 21, 2017, Evolution® Travel Pillow

I could never sleep on planes, even taking sleep aids on long-haul flights, but with the evolution pillow I slept 5 hours on my recent flight to the UK and didn't have any neck pain when I woke up! I have been recommending it to everyone I know.

12 2 out of 5

Mike Boryski

July 5, 2017, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

I bought mine during a trip in the Seattle airport in 2016. I also bought one for my daughter. I've used it a few times on red eye flights and it worked really well. However, similar to another reviewer, one of the magnets fell out of the clip and now the pillow cannot be tightened rendering it virtually useless. When it worked, it worked well. However for $70, I expect that the product would stand up to air travel for many years.

17 5 out of 5


May 17, 2017, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

I loved this sleep mask. It was comfortable and kept me in total darkness as we flew to Europe.

12 4 out of 5


March 27, 2017, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

Completely agree on all the great points, especially that it is sooooo much cooler than other neck pillows. I also agree that it's a bit big (too tall) for me. I'm 5'5", but have a short neck - 3 & 3/4" from collar bone to jaw. Clasped around my neck the sides are even with my earlobes. I flare the bottom of each side to lower it, but it adds a significant amount of pressure (and I look like I have mumps). LOL Would love to see this offered in a couple of smaller size for adults with short necks, and smaller all the way around for kids!

3 5 out of 5

Anna Villarreal

February 23, 2017, Bamboo Compression Socks™

My daughter is a Nurse Practitioner walks all day, I bought her these socks and she loves them. have bought her other kind, but she says nothing compare to these. ordering more now. thank you Cabeau.

9 5 out of 5


February 17, 2017, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

I love this blanket! So soft and warm, perfect for those frigid airplane rides. Unfortunately, I lost it on my most recent trip. I want to buy again but I cant find it anymore anywhere in Manila, the Philippines. My heart is broken. :-(

12 5 out of 5


January 30, 2017, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

This is a great pillow design. The closure helps hold the pillow and my head in a comfortable position. The vents help keep me from overheating. I look forward to using it on anew upcoming flight to europe.

46 5 out of 5


January 2, 2017, Evolution® Travel Pillow

I usually can't bother with travel pillows, especially the microbeads kind, as very few do **maintain your head/neck** in an upright position. The Cabeau pillow does just that and for the first time I can wear it and fall asleep. The travel pouch is convenient. Just make sure you take the pillow out a few hours before using it to let it inflate back to its initial shape. The Cabeau after-sale team has been fantastic as I was trying to purchase a new pouch (I forgot the old one in my plane) and supported me. I recommend this product.

17 5 out of 5


December 20, 2016, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

I bought this mask a year ago at an airport because I was super hungover and wanted to ensure some restful sleep on the plane. To this day it is literally one of the best purchases I've ever made. I use it almost every night and no trip is complete without it. Its so comfortable and so soft. I highly recommend it.

17 5 out of 5

Cheryl Russell

December 19, 2016, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

Very soft, comfortable mask!

1 5 out of 5

Cathy Yochheim

December 9, 2016, Scent-Infused Fluffy Socks

Love the compression travel socks!!!

3 5 out of 5


December 8, 2016, Evo Microbead™ Travel Pillow

I totally love this pillow. The other neck pillows I've tried have required a second pillow for me to get comfortable with it, so this is ideal. The one I got was leaking, but they have promised to replace it quickly, so I'm very happy.

3 5 out of 5

Cathy Yochheim

November 25, 2016, Bamboo Compression Socks™

Love them

12 5 out of 5

C Chua

November 22, 2016, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

I found this in an airport and bought it instantly because it look cool and stylish. On top of that, it was compact. Tried it on a 3 hour long flight and slept like a baby! I love this product!

17 4 out of 5

James Willis

November 15, 2016, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

It's a nice product

17 5 out of 5

Nancy Hickey

November 2, 2016, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

This is the best Mask I've ever used. I have used them all. It keeps light out, yet it's light weight. It doesnt make you sweat, it is all you will ever need!

3 5 out of 5


October 13, 2016, Evo Microbead™ Travel Pillow

This is the best travel microbeads pillow by far. The double layer pillow makes a big difference along with tie around the neck. I use it nightly to sleep & relax while watching TV. Just bought one for my son for traveling.

46 5 out of 5


September 21, 2016, Evolution® Travel Pillow

This pillow is amazing! It doesn't hurt the back of your neck, is washable, comfy and soft, and best of all packs up neatly and fits in a purse. Extremely travel friendly. Great investment for travelers - I recommend it 100%.

17 4 out of 5

Nancy Dingman

September 17, 2016, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

I do like this sleeping mask very much. It's very comfortable and does block out all the light, though sometimes when I am sleeping on my side it lets some light in beside my nose on the side not against the pillow. The other reason that I did not give it a 5 is that it says on the label "Surface or Spot Clean Only. DO NOT immerse in water…". Really? On cloth that is hugged against your face most every night you cannot wash it? How is "Spot cleaning" going to remove the oil that will collect from your face? Why can you not make a mask that can be hand-washed? Eventually I will have to try washing mine, anyway.

12 3 out of 5


August 20, 2016, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

I had both Evolution Pillow and Evolution Cool. I used my new Evolution Cool with me for my recent 1.5hrs short-haul flight. Basically, I think the support for Evolution Cool is not as good as Evolution Pillow, because this is so thin and it is a bit long (2-3 inch away from the chin) . Yes! it is less bulky and stylish, but for long-haul flight next time I prefer Evolution Pillow for more support.

12 5 out of 5


August 19, 2016, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

I have used different "horseshoe" shaped neck pillows in the past, but they all had similar problems. First, since they were uniformly round they tended to force my head forward. And because they had no fastener at the open end I would often awaken when my head dipped forward. The memory foam style got warm after a while and the foam bead style provided inadequate support. This pillow, however, seems to take the best of what's available and removes the problem areas of the past. The venting will help keep the wearer from overheating. The back of the pillow is flat, so the wearer can better lean back into the headrest of the seat. And the magnetic cinch is wonderful for keeping the wearer's head from dropping too far forward. The pillow is soft but seems to provide adequate support. Its shape helps keep the wearer's head in position, whether leaning to one side or the other, or leaning forward. The fact that it rolls up into the supplied carrying case at roughly 1/2 of its open size is a bonus. I can strap this to the handle of my carry on bag and its at the ready when I board. And it has an appealing appearance also. One issue is that my wife found it too large for her. I have a 15.5 inch neck and it is just about the perfect size for me. But she couldn't cinch it tight enough to keep her chin from sliding between the sides where they meet at the front. So she'll stick with her pillow, which ties up just a bit tighter (but has no venting) and I'll stick with the Evolution Cool!

46 5 out of 5


August 13, 2016, Evolution® Travel Pillow

This is the best neck pillow which fit me so much

12 4 out of 5

Tárcio A. Rocha

July 25, 2016, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

I bought mine during a trip in Atlanta airport in Feb 2016 and I didn't regret. For sure it's far the best travel pillow I already bought in all terms: comfort, portability, design. But one of the magnetic bottom fall apart during a flight and I don't find replacement to tight and close back my pillow.

1 5 out of 5


March 1, 2016, Corepack™ Premium Backpack

I bought the Corepack 4 months ago to replace my old trusted SwissGear Pegasus. While the SwissGear has a "rough and tough" look, I learned is was more of a deception and facade. I was looking for something a bit bigger that can carry multiple laptops AND room for my weekend travel clothing flying back to Oregon, I was impressed with Cabeau's travel pillow and blanket design and quality , and decided to give their new CorePack a try. The build quality does NOT disappoint and is consistent with the Cabeau reputation. After piling on my work Laptop, my Chromebook and my Nexus Tablet, there is still plenty of space for my change of clothing. Now I travel light and avoid check-in luggage like plague. I just want something that would enable me to move quickly from plane to destination. The Cabeau Corepack nails it 11 out of 10. I love it!! put me down as a FAN!

12 5 out of 5


February 12, 2016, Evolution Cool Travel Pillow®

Hands down, or should I say, head and shoulders above any travel pillows I ever used! I've travelled close to 50 countries and never go on aboard without a travel pillow and this is by the BEST! It is so ergonomically designed it gives great support and keeps my chin up which prevents "neck nodding", it is ventilated so kept me cool; this is the first pillow that I was able to wear the entire transpacific flights without any discomfort. The carrying case was also handy on the plane as storage pouch for my passport, wallets, and phone charger cable. This pillow is worth every pennies and definitely makes traveling fun again!

3 5 out of 5

None At This Time

January 4, 2016, Bamboo Compression Socks™

excellent - used it on flight from LA to New Jersey in October (5 hour flight)- even used on a log motor trip later in month. When at home and on feet for long time use as well. wish it came in navy blue also.

46 5 out of 5


September 25, 2015, Evolution® Travel Pillow

I put my neck out before I had to do a long haul flight so thought it was wise to get some kind of neck support. This pillow was super comfortable and I got a solid 8 hours sleep. I fly long haul several times a year and it was the best sleep i've had on a plane! I'd highly recommend this pillow.

46 5 out of 5


July 14, 2015, Evolution® Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is very good to support my neck during flight. It helps me to have a good sleep without neck pain.

17 5 out of 5


July 11, 2015, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

When I saw the price tag on this product, I thought to myself, "How can a sleep mask be worth this much when others can be had for much less?" When I thought of the numerous masks I tried that leaked light and whose elastic stretched out, I decided to take a chance. • The wire in the nose bridge allows adjustment to completely block out the light. • The Velcro closure will never stretch out and can be adjusted to just the right tightness. • The fabric is terrifically soft and comforting. • As a person who sleeps on his side, I was also concerned that the bulges over the eyes might make the mask uncomfortable when they were compressed by a pillow. That didn’t happen. • The pocket for the ear plugs is a great extra feature. Thanks for a perfect product.

46 5 out of 5


July 5, 2015, Evolution® Travel Pillow

I started a job in January 2013 which involves at least 50% travel, most of which is international (I live on the East Coast of the US). I have used this pillow for numerous trips around the globe and it has been wonderful! I bought mine from Amazon. I liked it so much that I bought another (one in red and one in gray). I like how it is secure all the way around the neck to give support. Our company does not let us fly Business Class so my miles have been in Coach. At one point, I accidentally left the compression bag on an airplane. I couldn\'t find a replacement on Amazon but was glad I could find one on here.

46 4 out of 5


June 19, 2014, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Great travel pillow. Used the pillow for our trip to France and Spain. Slept like a baby for the first time on the long 9 hour flight. Had many people ask me where I got it. Only difficulty is rolling it back up to fit in the travel bag and if you lose the bag you're in trouble! It would be nice to incorporate the bag into the pillow somehow.

17 5 out of 5


May 28, 2014, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

Awesome! I won this sleeping mask via Facebook and I love it! I have trouble sleeping due to a medical condition and I sometimes sleep during the day to make up for the lack of sleep at night. This mask blocks out ALL light, totally comfortable and very durable. Highly recommend this sleep mask to anyone who needs one. Thanks Cabeau!

46 5 out of 5


May 14, 2014, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Awesome purchase! I love this pillow! I travel every week for work. I always fall asleep on planes, but I would have a sore neck when I arrived. One of my co-workers bought this pillow and told me that it was awesome. I bought one and I agree! I can't say enough great things about it! I put it on and relax the rest of the flight. I recently lost it during my travels (left it in a rental car) and I had one flight without it and noticed the difference immediately. I had to go buy another before flying home. I know it's a little expensive compared to the other beanbag type pillows, but if you are a frequent traveler it is a minor expense for your comfort. Safe travels!

17 5 out of 5


March 22, 2014, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

super product Combining the sleep mask and the evolution pillow is about as good as it gets. I can sleep while slightly reclined and don't wake up with a neck ache.....Love these products...

46 5 out of 5


March 2, 2014, Evolution® Travel Pillow

awesome doesn't compare to this pillow i have R.A. in my neck, and Ive purchased alot of pilllows to travel on planes, there is none to compare to this one, now when I pick my head up I dont have the severe pain in my neck from none support, I would recommend this to any one who has R.A. , this was a god send to find this pillow, when I landed I didn't have the pain in my neck and no soreness after I awoke this am after the flight, that I normally have after a 5 hour flight. will buy an extra one in case I travel in the car on a long distant trip. so I dont have to get the one i bought and transfer it to the car, one can stay with my luggage, and the new purchase will allways be in my car, so Im covered all the time for travel.

46 5 out of 5

Debbie D

December 17, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

luv it this is a great gift to recieve.. i won it on a facebook contest and i cant imagine traveling without it then u sent me another one so i shared it with my best friend and she loves it.. thank you thank you thank you

46 5 out of 5


December 13, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

excellent I love my travel pillow even though I don't travel. thank you very much for mine. connie danielson.

46 5 out of 5


October 4, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Finally slept on a plane! After twelve years of regular travel and countless travel pillows, I finally slept on the plane this evening after purchasing the pillow at the Miami airport. I even slept thru descent and didn't wake up until the wheels touched down. Awesome product, very well designed!

46 5 out of 5


September 25, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

this memory foam neck pillow is great used this on my last trip to England and it was the best decision ever! The memory foam feels amazing, the velour cover is so nice to rest your head on, earplugs are a nice addition and the fact that you can compress this pillow makes it that much better.

9 5 out of 5


September 25, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

i have bought several of these They are absolutely great. These blankets are thick, soft, plush, inexpensive and so convenient. The case that comes with is the same soft material that the blanket is and it is so great for everywhere you go. I have bought many as gifts and always use mine even in the house because the material feels great!

17 5 out of 5

Jen Pham

September 25, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

I can sleep like a baby I am always on the road and sleep is essential to not only everyone but women in particular! We need our beauty sleep and it does not help that I wake up because of lights and noise. This mask eliminates both those issues because of the very soft eyemask and earplugs! I am able to sleep like a baby! I now use this in my house as well.

46 5 out of 5

Jerry Grand

September 24, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

worked for me i bought one for myself and one for my wife before our trip to Australia. We were not looking forward to the long flight so I decided to attempt making the trip less excruciating but finding the best neck pillow. I came across this one, did a bit of research and decided to see if it worked. My wife and I both found it extremely helpful. The flight was less painful and we were both able to get a few hours of sleep on the flight. Best way to travel is with one of these.

9 4 out of 5

C. Park

September 24, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

pretty good i do like this travel blanket a lot. it is easy to carry around because of the carrying case and it feels very nice when you have the blanket on due to the soft plush material. the one complaint i do have is it leaves fuzz on your clothes during the first use. i was aware of this before i purchased it because i read the reviews prior however, just wash it once and it does not happen anymore. overall it is pretty good.

46 4 out of 5

Angelica R.

September 23, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

helpful this is quite helpful on flights. i was able to get a few hours rest before i landed. sometimes gets a bit warm but best ive tried so far. overall pretty good.

9 5 out of 5


September 23, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

I always keep this in my car! This blanket stays in the trunk of my car and I bring it everywhere! I love having it wherever i go because if its a cold night, I just take the fold n go outta my car and I'm instantly warm. it is so convenient i take it on flights, car rides, parks and even to the movies at night! so warm and so convenient. good job Cabeau!

17 5 out of 5


September 23, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

The only reason i get a good nights rest This sleep mask helps me so much. I am an extremely light sleeper and any glare of light wakes me up. I've tried various curtains and they dont help. The sun shines on my room as early as 6:30am and always wakes me up. My good friend recommended I try this out. I was a bit skeptical to try this out because I've tried so many different kinds of sleep masks before however, I gave it a shot. I am so pleased!!! I use this for sleeping every single night, when i take naps and when i travel! The earplugs are a helpful addition as well. Well done.

17 5 out of 5


September 23, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

LAX Picked up this up at the LAX because I thought i'd try to get some sleep when I got on my flight. This honestly helped much more than I had ever expected. I had this covering my eyes and Cabeau's neck pillow and I was in heaven! These two are my go to travel buddies whenever I'm on a trip.

17 4 out of 5

Tanya Martinez

September 23, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

Offers total blackout sleep This sleep mask offers total blackout, doesnt move when I am moving in my sleep, doesnt smear my makeup if I decide to take a nap and is so comfortable. It doesnt press against your face in an uncomfortable way like other masks tend to do. Overall it is great but it can be a little warm if you wear it during the summer or hot weather.

9 4 out of 5


September 20, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

my fave blanket thus far I have tried multiple blankets and this is my favorite 1. I have twins and it is very difficult traveling with them especially when trying to carry around blankets. The fold and go makes it easy to carry around a blanket and it is even large enough to keep me and my two little ones warm! only issue i encountered is that it does leave a little fuzz but i put it in the wash and its now perfect!

46 4 out of 5

Gary Gibson

September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

great purchase I felt great having this pillow on my 14 hour flight. I was able to sleep like a baby while other looked miserable and uncomfortable! Definitely a great purchase! Only issue I did have is it gets a bit warm however on flights it is always cold! So it works out!

46 5 out of 5

Brittney Dublin

September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Finally! Finally I have found the perfect travel pillow! I not only use this on long flights but in car rides! It offers fantastic neck support and fits snug around your neck! This neck pillow is the answer!

46 5 out of 5


September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Awesome travel pillow If you are a traveler such as myself, this pillow is highly recommended! It rolls up and comes with a nice bag to put it in and more is so comfy!!! I look forward to bringing it on my flights and being able to get hours of sleep. Helps alot.

46 4 out of 5

Jennalyn M.

September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

feels so amazing the memory foam makes the pillow so comfortable and the velour cover is so soft! really helpful and exactly what i need due to my neck pains!

46 4 out of 5


September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

the pillow for everyone I truly think everyone should have this pillow. it is by far the best travel pillow you will find. good purchase

46 4 out of 5

Brooke Tatol

September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Thank you Cabeau I just want to say thank you Cabeau for creating this pillow. I have been on a search for the most convenient pillow and i have found it. I am a tall woman and i was concerned that it wouldnt fit properly however it is perfect! I would suggest you sell individual covers for the Evolution Pillow because I would love to have options of colors!

46 5 out of 5

Nicholas Brenner

September 19, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

two thumbs up! my wife and i recently traveled to the Bahamas for an anniversary trip and did not want to suffer the neck pains associated with long flights. my wife searched the web and came across cabeau's evolution pillow and we decided to give it a shot. we both literally slept like babies and landed in paradise well rested and ready for our vacation!

17 5 out of 5


September 19, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

works very well I am a nurse that works night shifts and I have trouble sleeping during the day due to the sunlight. I have tried many different eye masks yet none come close to this one. I love material because it is very soft and this one does not come off while i toss and turn while sleeping! Great

46 5 out of 5

Jayden T.

September 18, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

My companion The Evolution Pillow is my companion everywhere I go! It is so compact, convenient and most importantly COMFORTABLE! I've tried various pillows of different brands yet nothing comes close to Cabeau! Worth every penny!

46 5 out of 5

Jeffery Henderson

September 18, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

best travel pillow you will find My job requires me to spend many hours flying and over the past few years I have purchased neck pillows every time I have come across one that seems an improvement over my current purchase. My key requirements are comfort support and avoiding that terrible pain from falling asleep with no support on my neck. The only pillow I have come across that has served me perfectly is the Cabeau Memory Foam Pillow. It is very good quality and a little bit of luxury when flying economy. I have purchased one for a friend and an extra one for my wife. Highly recommended!

9 5 out of 5

Jordan H.

September 18, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

Soft, Convenient and Comfy This travel blanket is not only convenient, it is the softest and most comfortable blanket I have every used. It feels so nice and is a fairly large blanket and the fact that you can simply fold it and zip it up into the travel bag is so convenient! Simply amazing!!!!

17 5 out of 5

Karen K.

September 18, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

Wonderful Best sleep mask on the market!!!! The velcro strap on the back allows me to rest without putting a crease in my hair and the adjustable nose bride makes it fit to any face! I am able to sleep like a baby on flights, trains, car rides and even at home! This sleep mask is useful everywhere and goes everywhere with me!

9 5 out of 5


August 15, 2013, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

Love, love, love! This is such a soft blanket, and I simply love it! The bag is great as well and very convenient. Mine had some lent on them, but I washed them both and perfecto!

46 5 out of 5

PNG Mama

August 10, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Best ever! Have tried inflatable, microbead, and polyester fibrefill travel pillows. This is by far the best. Just used it on a 13-hr trans-Pacific flight, and was actually able to sleep for several hours--and with my mouth closed, so no dry mouth upon awakening, plus no neck pain!! Thank you for this amazing product that lives up to the advertising: It really works! It was my best trans-Pacific flight in 30 years.

46 5 out of 5


August 2, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Amazing! I just bought one of these in the airport and just landed after my first flight and let me tell you it is the most amazing flight companion ever! I keep the earplugs in the cellphone pocket and just threw the bag away, I tried over and over to make it work and just can't get it to fit and Velcro closed. But the pillow was absolutely perfect!

46 5 out of 5


July 3, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

BEST EVER! I cannot believe how comfortable this pillow is. I have both the memory foam and the micro bead versions. It is so supportive that I can actually sleep on trips. Fantastic and have recommended it to friends and family

46 5 out of 5


June 3, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Best pillow for people with necks! My girlfriend and I had taken ours to Hawaii. It was great for the flight, long car rides to our accommodations, and lounging at the beach. Since then, I've taken to wearing it when I go to sleep. Help ease post-nasal drip with the Evolution by sleeping slightly propped. The Evolution will support your neck as mucus drains more easily. Excellent customer service! I recommend them to so many of my friends that they think I'm selling them.

46 4 out of 5

Transpacific Traveller

May 22, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Great Pillow! Only used it for one 14 hour leg of my flight and love it already. Most support i've ever had in a neck pillow, others not even close. I slept 7 hours with it and in a middle seat too, never slept that long before. I'd give it 5 stars except it's bulky and very hard to pack in the small bag. The ties need a bit of tweaking tho, hard to push button and release.

46 5 out of 5


April 20, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Best travel pillow ever This Pillow really works!!! I fly a lot (am writing this Heathrow). Every time I use it on an airplane, I sleep....even when I don't think I am tired!. It really is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.

17 5 out of 5


January 26, 2013, Midnight Magic® Travel Sleep Mask

Perfect! I was looking for this kind of product for years, and was so happy to be able to find this one in HK airport! I am not NOT disappointed: It is comfortable, it does not move, and it is incredibly dark inside!!! (without unpleasantly pressing in on the eyes because it is "ball-shaped" inside). Best mask ever: I even wear it at home on weekends! My partner purchased one, and he is as satisfied as I am!

46 5 out of 5

John Chill

January 13, 2013, Evolution® Travel Pillow

awesome I car pool 75 miles to work, which i've been doing for the last 16yrs. I love this pillow, I get a nice power nap during every trip. Very satisfied.

46 5 out of 5


September 20, 2012, Evolution® Travel Pillow

really does work I've bought many neck pillows in my life and NONE of them ever work. I was happily surprised that this one actually did and have been using it ever since. Definitely a must have item for plane trips.

46 4 out of 5


April 14, 2012, Evolution® Travel Pillow

pros and cons While this pillow provides some of the best support of the many neck pillows I've tried, the cover could be of better quality. Mine started ripping at the seams within 2 months of purchase, and I got no help from the store I purchased it from when I requested a new one. They just referred me back to this website, even though I didn't buy the pillow online.

46 5 out of 5


April 3, 2012, Evolution® Travel Pillow

The best neck pillow Got these before a recent overseas trip and can confirm they work. Prevents your head from falling sideways, making sleeping so much more easier. A winner!

9 5 out of 5

Robin B

January 31, 2012, Fold ‘n Go™ Microfiber Travel Blanket

Looks great! One of my friends told me I just had to get one of your memory foam neck pillows and then saw this travel blanket. I just hate cold planes and have been looking for something like this for months. It looks SO soft and I just love that it comes in its own case. Thanks for making it easy!

46 4 out of 5


December 5, 2011, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Blankid to Evolution I actually came on here to buy the Blankid Buddy from Groupon and saw you also sold neck pillows, so I went ahead and added the Evolution Pillow to my order. I haven't tried it yet, but this pillow looks pretty remarkable compared to the other crappy pillows I've seen and used.

46 4 out of 5


September 6, 2011, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Could be a winner! God help me, this pillow better work. lol I have had zero luck with travel pillows, but this one actually look pretty good! My fingers are crossed!!!

46 5 out of 5


July 22, 2011, Evolution® Travel Pillow

Your Evolution Pillow is Fantastic Your Evolution Pillow was fantastic - it supported Darlene's neck like nothing else has before, and was almost a soporific for our outbound overnight flight. She slept for the first time ever on a long-haul flight, and arrived refreshed and ready to drive. We are most grateful for your product and attention.

3 5 out of 5

Doug M

July 22, 2011, Evo Microbead™ Travel Pillow

Great Neck Pillow Works just as advertised and is very comfortable. Slept like a baby on the plane and the media pouch came in quite handy. Well done.