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Celebrity coupleGranted, celebrities travel more than most of us, so are there lessons in flight fashion we can learn from famous jet-setters? Yes, plenty!, says the Australian Herald Sun in a recent article. Some are experts at mixing comfort and style (Reese Witherspoon), others have no problem looking far from red carpet-ready in their comfiest jeans and leggings (Kourtney Kardashian), and then there is Lady Gaga, who insists on sticking to her extreme fashion style even in the air (despite a 2010 incident when she had to change out of her skin-tight dress and heels to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis). So what should the stars – and you – be looking for in a perfect travel outfit?


Travel can often bring temperature extremes, and not just when you get to your destination. It’s easy to get hot and bothered dealing with a crowded check-in and then dashing through the airport to make your flight, followed by a chilly air-conditioned plane. Opting for light, breathable fabrics in layers will help keep you comfortable throughout your journey. A black jacket over jeans is the fave combo of Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Katie Holmes. An oversized scarf (favored by Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts) is a great addition, doubling as a warming wrap on the plane. Hint: Check out Cabeau’s comfy, plush Fold ‘N Go Blanket™ which keeps you snuggly on the plane, then folds up into its own travel case to keep it clean for further flights.


Follow the example of many celebs and grab a favorite pair of jeans or smart leggings for a flight, making sure they’re roomy and comfortable and best of all, have some stretch. Sofia Vergara and Claire Danes are pros at this. Whatever you wear avoid stiff, tight or itchy clothing; however good you think you look, that I’m-so-stylish buzz will quickly wear off in the air.


When it comes to footwear, even Sarah Jessica Parker (queen of sky-high heels) knows a plane is no place for towering Manolos. Comfort is key, making flat slip-ons perfect for the job. They also have the double benefit of speeding your way through security checks. And remember to slip a pair of your favorite socks in your hand luggage so you can easily get snug on the plane. We recommend Cabeau’s Ultra-Soft, Extra Thick Fluffy Socks™; they’re warm, cozy, one-size-fits-all and machine washable (fresh and clean for your next flight), but best of all, especially on long flights, they promote leg circulation by gently applying pressure to your lower legs, increasing healthy blood flow. Our Bamboo Compression™ socks are excellent as well for reducing leg/foot fatigue and swelling, and offering varicose vein relief.


Keep any chunky jewelry and belts in your luggage – you’ll be more comfortable, won’t risk losing a favorite earring, and are less likely to hold up the line at the metal detector while you peel off your baubles.


You may think that a t-shirt slogan is super witty or edgy, but you’ll look anything but cool when you’re kicked off the plane because of it, which can happen. In 2012, a woman claimed she had been thrown off an American Airlines flight because her t-shirt featured the “F” word. Travelers can also get into trouble if their clothing is deemed too skimpy. Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong ran afoul of Southwest Airlines in 2011 because his pants were deemed to be sagging too low.


Finally, if you are travelling with kids, take a tip from Gisele Bündchen and Fergie and make sure your kids are dressed for practicality above all else. (Hint: always bring along a spare outfit for your little one – accidents happen).

In fact, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website is downright blunt on travelling with youngsters: “Make sure you keep handy any supplies you will need to take care of any normal or special needs for the child. Assume the worst: every seat will be allocated, the toilets will not have changing tables, the airline will not have any suitable food, you will be delayed for several hours, and any checked luggage will be lost. Carrying all the child’s essentials is important, especially if your child is on a special diet or on medication.”

Our solution (actually two): Cabeau’s Evolution Micro Jr Travel Pillow™, the first children’s travel pillow to provide complete head support and comfort, uses millions of microbeads to respond and shape-shift to your child’s head movement, conforming to your child’s favorite head and neck sleeping positions so he/she can comfortably sleep. And we all know that a well-rested child is a happy child!

Our other suggestion for making traveling with children as comfortable as possible is our BlanKid Buddy™, an all-in-one blanket, pillow, and plush animal toy that converts in 3 easy steps to an amazingly functional large backpack. Available in a ladybug, panda or monkey style, the BlanKid Buddy keeps all of your child’s “must-have” travel belongings in one fun, huggable place, which they can then carry themselves. Brilliant!

Cabeau, one of the fastest travel companies on the market, has consistently pioneered innovative products that offer affordable comfort for all, enabling travelers everywhere ― celebrities to regular Joe’s ― to arrive at their destination fully rested and refreshed. To learn more about our entire line of comfort travel products, please visit the Cabeau website.

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