Evolution Travel Pillow Case Closed Bag
Evolution Travel Pillow Case
Evolution travel pillow case with accessories
Evolution Travel Pillow Case
Evolution Travel Pillow Case
Evolution Travel Pillow Case
Evolution Travel Pillow Case

Evolution Travel Pillow Case

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This universal travel case accommodates a majority of Evolution pillow styles — Evolution S3®, Evolution Cool® and Evolution Classic®. Its versatility also works for over-the-ear headphones and other travel comforts.

Lightweight and portable, this travel case keeps you organized without sacrificing valuable storage space in your luggage or carry-on. The quick release attachment means its always ready to go.


Compact Tote
Reduces pillow size by more than 50%

Adjustable Web Straps
Accommodate up to 8 square inches for external attachment to luggage

Quick Release Clip
Removes case for immediate use before stowing carry-on or checking bags

Internal Mesh Pocket
Organizes earbuds, earplugs and other small, easily lost items

Versatile Storage
Holds over-the-ear headphones, sleep mask and other convenient travel items 


Diameter = 4.25″ (11cm) / Height = 5.5″ (14cm) / Weight = 1.6 oz (travel case only)

100% Polyester 

Additional Information

Do not store compressed pillows for longer than 7 days. Doing so may damage the pillow and prevent it from returning to its full shape. For long term storage, pillows should be kept open without any weight applied.


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