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It all began with a quest for a travel pillow that actually works…

During his career playing professional basketball for Maccabi Tel Aviv, David Sternlight was on the road a lot. While seeing the world was always an adventure, he found most methods of travel to be cramped and uncomfortable – especially at 6’8″ tall.

Determined to create a better travel experience for himself and others, David began to design the first travel pillow that actually works. In 2009, after months of development, the revolutionary Cabeau Evolution Pillow® was born.

Cabeau’s patented travel pillows, comfort products, and innovative accessories can be found in over 110 countries worldwide.  Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality, and comfort.  We are honored to have received numerous travel industry awards that recognize our commitment to excellence in providing our customers with innovative travel accessories as well as our dedication to improving the world around us.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the same effort and energy goes into our new products that went into our original, groundbreaking Cabeau Evolution Pillow.  Innovations in our extended product line are inspired by our customers, who have shared with us what they like, what works, and what would further enhance their travels.  We provide a carefully curated range of products that are guaranteed to make your travel experience better. 


We think differently from our competitors, which has allowed us to lead the way in developing, redefining and elevating the travel experience and remain true to our entrepreneurial spirit.
– David Sternlight

Meet the Cabeau Leadership Team

Cabeau creates expertly crafted travel accessories designed by travelers for travelers. We are a young and innovative company committed to family values and philanthropy. With a group of exceptional sales, marketing, design, operations, and legal specialists, Cabeau’s success lies in its extraordinary team and collaborative approach.

David Sternlight


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David Sternlight is a professional problem solver who seeks out the efficiencies in everything with an unrelenting curiosity. A comfort architect and a razor-sharp leader with good vibes, David knows what it takes to keep an entire symphony humming on time and in tune. Yes, he has a penchant for ambient and soulful sounds (he’s also a DJ) which reinforces his laid-back, beachy appreciation for the zen-life. The key to David’s success isn’t the ability to channel his inner Dalai Lama, it’s his ability to walk on water when he is told it’s impossible. David’s on a mission to be the best he and Cabeau can be and he’s making a difference in the world by creating more comfort in it—did we mention he’s a magician but refuses to admit it?

Being born and raised in West LA means David is familiar with traffic and cruising in traffic (because the west side is the best side), so he’s no stranger to finding comfort in travel. He’s always looking for an edge, a better way to do things, and he loves trends and numbers (data can’t geek out over itself). Family and friends are at the core of everything he does. Carving out a quality life that’s soft, supportive, and fit for long-term happiness is what he does on a daily basis. So yes, David is indeed making the world a better and more comfortable place to live.

Alex Vorissis


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Alex Vorissis is the voice of financial reason in the Cabeau family. He puts the brain and brawns behind every financial game plan, enhancing forecasts and reporting systems from start to finish. A veteran in the finance field, Alex brings strong financial and operational leadership to Cabeau. In his book of bright ideas, there are plenty of ways to manage our dollars for the most affordable impact on consumer lifestyles. Alex inspires the team to pursue new waves of optimization, growing our mission of Travel Made Better from the inside out.

Fortunately for Cabeau and our traveling friends, Alex already has a running start. He was born and raised in Greece before opportunity called him to California’s southern shores. Since then, Alex has seen the world, transforming company finance cultures for nearly two decades. Alex is a family man through and through. He takes pride in leading teams towards financial victory, but he’s even more proud to see his kids excel in their education endeavors.

Maria Hofsten


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A phrase that’s uniquely Maria is Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.  It describes how Maria does just that - creating herself both at work and outside of work, to the benefit of all her colleagues who get to enjoy working with her. Maria loves adventure, trying new things, traveling the world, hiking and live music (don’t get her started about the Zac Brown Band!). And if that weren’t enough, Cabeau’s controller is passionate about staying healthy and active. 

Having earned an Accounting degree at CSUN, and her CPA license, Maria brings more than a decade of accounting experience to Cabeau. She also brings her passion for travel and travel comfort, adding that Cabeau is a “great fit.”

We can’t agree with her more.

Susannah Kim


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Susannah Kim is all things global.

She was born in Korea but grew up in LA, joining Cabeau because of the brand’s amazing potential. Funny, that’s why we hired her.

Susannah put herself through college, earning her undergraduate from UCLA in two years. Which, isn’t surprising, when you consider her personal motto… “Fortune favors the bold.”

But, this old Winston Churchill quote isn’t the only thing that helps describe the wonderful Susannah. Inspired greatly by Mother Theresa, she believes that “elegantly simple improvements” are the key to good living. And when she’s not running Cabeau’s global marketing, she’s running around outdoors — dragging the family to kid-friendly museums or entertaining guests at her home.

At the end of the day, Susannah is most passionate about life’s simple beauties: people, growth and chocolate. Especially chocolate.

Paola Cintora


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Paola Cintora quiere hablarte de los elefantes rosados.

Cabeau’s VP of Sales joined Cabeau after meeting the great team here, saying “It all clicked.”

For fun, Paola enjoys movies, dancing, painting and stand-up comedy. And she’s not picky about favorite foods, either.

But anyone who knows Paola knows not to mess with her. She’s got a black belt in karate, after all. She’s singularly focused, which is shy she’s known to bring conversations back on track, often beginning with, “Speaking of pink elephants…. “ And that can be in any of the four languages, in which she’s perfectly fluent.

As international as she is, Paola is also grounded by the relationships she’s built over time. She’s especially inspired by her mother’s example of strength and hard work.

The apple truly doesn’t fall far.

Nadine De Anda


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Nadine is the kind of person you would hope to have as your HR Director and we’re especially stoked to have her at Cabeau. We’re also stoked that one of her favorite movies is “The Wedding Singer.” (Really, that movie never got the attention it deserved and who doesn’t love the 80’s?!)

Native to Los Angeles, Nadine was determined to join the Cabeau team after a conversation she had with the company’s CEO, David Sternlight. In regards to whether receiving health benefits and a paycheck every two weeks factored into the decision, she hasn’t specified.

As the person in charge of our people, Nadine’s love and appreciation for other humans is a welcomed asset. I mean, really, who lists “laughing with her daughter” as their favorite activity? That’s like the cutest thing ever.

Nadine says that “making someone’s day is worth it!” So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she also enjoys hiking and running 5ks (with over 50 medals collected to date)… she’s overall just #crushinglife.

Of all the Cabeau Fundamentals, “Go the Extra Mile” means the most to her. Because whether or not she’s asked, Nadine always tries to help in any way she can.

Irfan Zafar

Director of Supply Chain & Logistics

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Meet the Cabeau Advisory Board

Ron Means


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Ron is just a regular guy with an in-depth understanding of business strategy, growth tactics and consumer spending habits. He’s worked with 35+ in Southern California and also currently maintains leadership roles for RH Means & Associates, Inc. (a business consulting practice) and Vistage International (the world’s largest Chief Executive Organization). Okay, so Ron is not that normal. After all, most normal people don’t have a tagline permanently attached to their name. “Helping chief executives become better leaders” is Ron’s motto, and he certainly lives by it. His unique perspective of domestic and international distribution and proven track record in tackling complex market opportunities have been monumental for Cabeau’s growth. Ron studied Industrial Technology and Physics at Western Illinois University and resides in Santa Rosa Valley. When he’s not working, you might find him eating or sleeping.

Richard Saklad


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Dick Saklad is better known by his colleagues as the Devil’s advocate. Using his wide experience as a former C-Suite Officer of the NYSE and NASDAQ, he’ll do everything from negotiating distribution deals to taking out the trash. In addition to the work he does with Cabeau, Dick currently serves on the board for Operation Gratitude, the first military non-profit to be award Platinum status on Charity Star. Dick is also a lifetime board member of the Drug Enforcement Administration Academy and is heavily involved in the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Dick’s brilliant mind, warm heart and endearing charm also made him a prime candidate for Playgirl Magazine’s centerfold and The Dating Game. When he’s not volunteering for charities, he simply enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

William Cullen


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You earn reputation by doing the hard things well. William Cullen (you can call him Bill) exemplifies that principle with decades of C-level experience in media, mobile technology and advertising. For the last ten years, Bill has mentored leaders of high-potential companies across the country—providing specialized financial and organizational expertise to help them monetize and grow. On top of helping startups…get started up…Bill served as CEO of Txtstation Global Limited, an innovative mobile marketing firm for the NFL, NHL and NBA. He’s also served leadership roles for Jabber, Access Television Network, California News Channel, Adlink and several other media companies that we don’t have the word count max to mention. As a bonus, Bill’s ridiculous knack for storytelling provides for quite the conversations at the Cabeau water cooler.
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