Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows

The Evolution of Travel Comfort

Most travel pillows are simply fashion statements or conversational oddities. Cabeau is driving the next generation of on-the-go comfort based on functional innovation. Our travel pillows are designed from a holistic look at the entire travel experience. We incorporated feedback from overnighters to off-the-grid global adventurers. The truth is no single pillow is right for every person and every purpose.

That is why Cabeau developed a range of products to meet your particular travel needs. We offer cloud-like comfort with responsive memory foam, cooling air vents to release trapped heat, ultra-light and compact inflatables or stress-relieving microbeads. Whichever solution you choose, you’ll find innovative features, ergonomic design and 360° support that provides unrivaled comfort.

At Cabeau, our goal is to create products that revive the spirit of adventure within the weary traveler. On the road, in the air, or resting in between — discover true relaxation with Cabeau travel pillows.

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