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Travel Pillows

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Most travel pillows just don’t work, so Cabeau created the next evolution in comfort on-the-go. Whether you prefer maximum memory foam, cooling airflow, ultra-lightweight or a new take on microbeads, we have the perfect travel pillow for you.

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The Evolution

Cabeau travel pillows feature an innovative design to help you arrive rested and ready, no matter your destination. Whether you prefer responsive memory foam, cooling airflow, ultra-lightweight, or a new take on microbeads, we have the perfect travel pillow for you.

From our Evolution® Pillow to our Evo Microbead™, you’ll find patented features, ergonomic design, and 360° support for your head and neck when you explore the innovative options from Cabeau.

Innovative Design for Exceptional Comfort

With a variety of colors, styles and functionality to suit any traveler, our travel pillows are an essential part of any journey. Our groundbreaking Evolution® Pillow’s memory foam core will have you drifting off in no time, while our Evolution Cool™Pillow will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your travels. The Air Evolution™ pillow is a lightweight, space-saving inflatable option, and our Evo Microbead™ will make you rethink everything you know about microbead pillows.

The Revolution

At Cabeau, our goal is to create products that revive the spirit of adventure within the weary traveler. Whether you’re on the road, in the air, or somewhere in between, discover the difference of Cabeau travel pillows and start making travel better today.