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folded black blanket, bag, and sleeping mask
black sleep mask
folded black blanket and bag
Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask + Fold ‘n Go™ Blanket
black sleep mask
folded black blanket and bag

Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask + Fold ‘n Go™ Blanket

$39.99 $29.99

— INCLUDES: 1 Fold 'n Go Blanket (Black)
— INCLUDES: 1 Midnight Magic Sleep Mask (Black)
— Save $10 while products last




Top Travel Blanket Set

The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask is designed to provide a custom fit, fully adjustable to your unique facial features + desired level of darkness (from twilight to blackout). Rounded inner liners keep the mask from pressing on your eyelids, while its lightweight design is highly portable, comfortable, and looks good on everyone. Pair that with Fold ‘n Go™ Blanket, the ultimate choice for warmth + comfort. Say goodbye to scratchy, germ-filled blankets + pillows and hello to luxurious French microfiber that covers you from chin to toes. The machine washable blanket compacts into a convenient travel case, where it can double as a pillow, seat cushion or lumbar support.

Adjust your fit + darkness level

The padded aluminum nose strip lets you customize the fit for your desired
level of darkness.

detail of front of sleeping mask

4 great products in 1

Use it as a blanket, or store it in the case to enjoy a cozy pillow, seat
cushion or lumbar support.

folded black blanket, rolled black blanket, and black bag

Won’t press against your eyes

Inner rounded eye liners to keep the fabric away from your eyelids as you

detail of inside of sleping mask

Cozy, soft + warm

Made from high-quality French microfiber to keep you warm on even the
coldest flights.

detail of rolled black blanket

No more elastic lines

Adjustable elastic-free straps hold the mask in place, and won’t tug or
snag your hair. The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask also comes with a plush fabric that
covers the inside and outside of the mask for a gentle, comfortable fit.

black sleeping mask from above

Keeps you covered

The blanket measures 60” x 36”, offering the complete coverage other
travel blankets lack.

dimensions of black blanket

Memory foam earplugs

Block out ambient noise for more restful sleep, then store and seal inside the side pocket.

Black sleeping mask and ear plugs


Length=26.75″ / Height=3.5″ / Thickness=0.75″ / Weight=1 oz
60% Polyester, 40% Cotton
100% Aluminum (Padded)


Diameter=39″/ Height=23″ Weight=13 oz

Diameter=2.25″ / Height=12″

Fabric=100% / Handle=100% ABS Plastic / Frame=2% Steel, 21% Aluminum, 12% Fiber
Glass, 8% Poyamide Plastic, 7% Polyresin

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