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Closed Umbrella
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The Better Umbrella™
Closed Umbrella
Covered Umbrella

The Better Umbrella™

$29.99 $19.99


The Best Travel Umbrella For Executives
Most travel umbrellas just don’t work. They drip all over you, obstruct your
vision and fall apart in no time. Fortunately, there’s a Better Umbrella™. With
its offset J-handle, you get 30% more coverage + a clear view of where you’re
going in one compact, durable package. Rainy days never looked so bright.

New J-Handle Design
Unlike other umbrellas with the handle in the middle and in your line of sight, the offset J-handle on The Better Umbrella gives you complete coverage, without obstructing your view.

30% More Coverage
The offset pole is also designed to maximize and expand your coverage area. Simply turn the umbrella 90 degrees and you can even cover you backpack.

Form-Fitting Handle
The handle is designed to comfortable fit the shape of the hand and improve stability in strong winds.

Water-Repellant Storage Case
Store your wet umbrella in the convenient travel-sized storage case when not in use.

Secure Wrist Strap
The attached wrist strap allows you to securely carry your closed umbrella or hang it up to dry.


Open Size:

Diameter=39″/ Height=23″ /Weight=13 oz

Closed Size:



Fabric=100% Polyester/ Handle=100% ABS Plastic / Frame=2% Steel, 21% Aluminum, 12% Fiber Glass, 8% Polyamide Plastic, 7% Polyresin 


2-Year Satisfaction Warranty


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The Better Umbrella™

$29.99 $19.99

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